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Our Services

Have old family jewellery? Bring in your old gold for an assessment that can be exchanged for cash value or store credit. Better yet, work with our custom design team to turn old jewellery into something new! 


We have experienced professionals who will work with you to establish a fair replacement value on your lost or stolen jewellery items. We also have a wide selection of products for replacement upon damaged pieces. Our staff are committed to working with you and your adjuster to make the process as easy as possible.  

Jewellery & Watch

We offer full service on-site repairs and maintenance with quality workmanship. Our goldsmiths are experts in jewellery and are on-site almost every day of the week. Services include ring re-sizings, chain solders, rhodium plating, claw re-tipping, building up shanks, and much more. 


We provide appraisal services on-site so your jewellery never has to leave our store. Even better, call ahead and book an appointment for an appraisal. Due to the rising value of gold and for insurance purposes, we recommend you update your appraisals every five years to ensure accurate assessments and to receive maximum value for your jewellery in case of any loss. 

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